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There’s a Pokémon Go festival… and it’s coming to Brockwell Park

Remember Pokemon Go? The augmented reality app swept the globe in 2016 and never really went away. Now there’s a whole festival for it.

This will either be the best news you’ve heard all week or you’ll be struck dumb with confusion. When Pokémon Go hit the Uk in 2016 and surged in popularity in 2017, it became a real ‘Marmite moment’. The augmented reality app meant used location services to track their gamers and plant Pokémon characters all over the world for gamers to find. There were the people bumping into trees and walking into moving traffic to catch their Pokémon characters… and then there were the people baffled by the people bumping into trees and walking into moving traffic to catch their Pokémon characters. Whichever side of the fence you are on, it is unarguable how popular the app became. Though there are less users in 2023 than there were in the days of the true Pokémon Go mania, it is thought that there are still over 80 million regular users of the app worldwide.

So really, no-one should be that shocked to hear that Pokémon Go is hosting a festival in London. This isn’t its first; there’s been an annual festival in Chicago since 2017 and its European debut was in Dortmund in 2019, where 85,000 players gathered at the event and another 200,000 were recorded in the surrounding area.

Credit: @pokemongoapp

This London version will be help over three days; between the 4th and 6th August. The days will be split into two halves; park and city. Players can start their day in either location and then will switch for their afternoon gaming session. Brockwell Park will be hosting the park portion… and Pokémon Go characters too. The timings are 9am-1.30pm for the morning session and 2.30pm-7.30pm for the afternoon session. It really is a full day of Pokémon fun.

If you’re a Pokémon Go whizz or you want to try something new, then nab your early bird tickets now whilst they’re still a little cheaper. Step away from reality for a full day and submerge yourself in the augmented world of gaming… all whilst getting your steps in!

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