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There’s an AI festival coming to the Omnibus Theatre

…And we’ve got a sweet deal for you! If this sounds like your cup of tea then read on to find out how to nab cheap tickets.

Credit: @omnibustheatre

Whether you’re enthralled or confused by Artificial Intelligence, it’s a big deal right now. In recognition of its ever-increasing presence in our lives, the Omnibus Theatre has collaborated with festival curator Paloma Jacob-Duvernet and producer Alice Eve to create the first ever AI festival. Kicking off on the 26th June and running until the 9th July, the festival is made of 4 performances each of which will explore the benefits and dangers through theatre, comedy, workshops, exhibitions and conversation.

Curator, Paloma Jacob-Duvernet, said: “AI technology has been a source of curiosity and interest for me a little while. Even though I must admit I am sometimes scared of it, isn’t that the best cocktail for a thrill? It felt to me that the fast-growing consumption of AI in our day-to-day had to be addressed and that is how I had the idea for AI Festival. I am genuinely looking forward to welcoming audiences to be entertained and challenged by our artists’ take on AI.”

Check out the festival line up below:

ASSISTED, by Greg Wilkinson

27th June – 2nd July

Credit: @omnibustheatre

Directed by: Gareth Watkins
Jordan and Connie want their next-generation AI voice assistant – Alivia – to make their perfect lives
just that little bit better. But what happens when the technology starts to take control? A funny and searching exploration of love and domesticity in the near future. 


28th – 30th June and 9th July

Credit: @omnibustheatre

Human actors join artificial intelligence robots on a surreal trip in augmented reality, where the
robots literally take control of the show. Some improvisers are controlled by artificial intelligence
chatbots: will they pass the Turing Test? In this hilariously absurd comedy, the audience is invited to reflect about human creativity, big tech,and the joy of building and messing with robots.

4th – 9th July

Credit: @omnibustheatre

Directed by: Paloma Jacob-Duvernet
Do you ever wonder: Am I unique? Do I have a soul? Is there a ghost in the machine? Well, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Ralph finds Helen uptight. Helen finds Ralph arrogant. At the crossroad between public lecture and secret diary, these two brilliant minds play an exciting game at the verge of a personal battle and attempt to solve the mystery of consciousness. 

4th – 9th July

Credit: @omnibustheatre

Directed by: Rosa Higgs
This is the book of Genesis 2. The world is scarred by war, and environmental catastrophe has caused living to become unbearable. The last resort for Earth’s remaining population is to put its future in the hands of AI technology known as IONA. Three subjects enter IONA’s world, with the hope that within them they carry the answer to a new way of living. However, as IONA pushes them to their limits, the answer to humanity’s dream escapes them, leaving a scarier future in its wake. 

They sound pretty good, right? Well if you’d like to be apart of the very first AI festival of its kind, then we have an extra treat for you. Tickets are usually £13 (or £11 for concessions), but if you use the code BESTOF at checkout you’ll unlock £8 tickets to any performance, subject to availability.

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