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Things have got festive at Megan’s

Put your dancing shoes on and prance down to Megan’s to make the most of their live acoustic music sessions and their festive specials.

Megan’s has got to be one of the most magical spots in Clapham. It’s really romantic all year round, but the cosy interior and twinkly fairy lights means that it comes into its own over Christmas especially. It’s filled with festive spirit and charm making it the place for a festive catchup with friends or family. Get the girlies together for some dining before dancing and prancing your way on to the high street or bring a date to enjoy a sharing plate in an intimate setting. You just can’t go wrong.

As soon as it hits November, we start thinking about one of our favourite festive drinks. The Baileys espresso martini from Megan’s. So we started off with a round of those and they never, ever disappoint. They are a creamier cousin of the classic and they come instagram story ready; dressed up with a coco-powder snowflake making them, in our opinion, the perfect winter drink. Just try and only order one.

For food we went full out festive. If you know anything about Megan’s then you’ll know that they are famous for their fondues. There’s always a few variations to go for but the base is always the same- a hot puddle of melty cheese that comes with a side of sourdough soldiers. Because it’s the season, we went for the festive fondue which came with the very, very lovely addition of pigs in blankets to dunk in. And what more could you want? It’s warm, gooey, Christmassy, cheesy. Tick, tick, tick. Plus it’s a great one for sharing so order it for the table whilst you sip on your espresso martinis and wait for your mains.

And for the mains we continued with their seasonal specials. The Christmas kebab was a really fun twist to the turkish-inspired kebabs that Megan’s are known for. This festive version includes a crispy turkey leg, stuffing, cranberry and pomegranate sauce, plus crispy onions and pistachios for extra crunch. We really enjoyed this one- it reminded us a bit of the Boxing Day sandwich (one of our favourite meals of Christmas). Everything was nicely spiced and -most importantly- moist. The n’duja pasta was described on the menu as Turkey’s answer to tortellini and we get it! These were tiny beef dumplings on a bed of garlic yoghurt, topped with n’duja. The spicy kick to these were perfect to keep you warm over the cooler months.

Another Megan’s classic is the cookie dough dessert. If you’ve yet to have the cookie dough from Megan’s then it’s reason enough to make the trip there. It’s delicious. There flavours are always on rotation and for December it’s all about s’mores. Again, a perfect sharer of a plate this one was sweet and delightful and would be really cute to share with a special someone. You get stringy, molten marshmallows perched on melted chocolate and the softest cookie. What a treat! We has this with a glass of sparking rosé to finish off the whole meal and, honestly, what a way to end.

For winter they’ve got live music playing every Thursday-Saturday evening (from 7pm-10pm) and it really just adds to the charm of the place. Think soft vocals and string instruments all at an easy ambient level so you can still converse happily whilst you indulge in a meal and enjoy being serenaded. It’s an extra bit of sparkle that we urge you to make the most of this festive season.

P.S: They’ve still got space for private Christmas party hires but they’ll be gone soon! Get your bookings in for the party of the year.

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