2 years ago

Tooting Bec Lido has reopened today

Tooting Bec lido has been knocking around since 1906 and is still the largest open-air pool in the UK, and now it’s reopened for the public.

Credit: @slsclido

If going for a chilly dip is your thing, then this is the news for you. Tooting Bec Lido has reopened to the public today, meaning you can go and get your cold fix between now and the end of Summer.

It’s reopened a month earlier than usually because it is due a £3mill refurbishment later on this year. The refurb will see it’s two pump houses being replaced by a single building, plus a modernisation of the filtration systems and pool liner. Set to serve the lido for 50 years, these changes will benefit the 100,000 people who visit the pool each year.

The pool will be open every day from 7am-2pm. Better grab your Speedos.

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