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BRUNCH SERIES: A Tasty Tour of Mud Cafe in Tooting

We’re thrilled to launch our new brunch series, shining a spotlight on Tooting’s most tantalising morning eats.

First up on our epicurean expedition is none other than Mud Cafe, a place where the first meal of the day is reimagined with flair and flavour.

A Quirky, Friendly, Buzzing Ambience

Walking into Mud Cafe, you’re immediately wrapped in an ambience that can only be described as quirky, friendly, and buzzing. Imagine being greeted by a gnome reserving your table and a warm smile from our waitress – that’s Mud for you. The service is top-notch, and the whole atmosphere is just spot on.

The Brunch of Champions

Diving into the menu, the Mud Muffin is a revelation. Forget your standard Saturday McMuffin; this bad boy comes with a potato waffle, grated parmesan on top, adding a creamy yet sharp flavour that’s nothing short of delicious. Then there’s the Wild Mushrooms – not your average mushrooms on toast. Served with perfectly runny poached eggs, a Cumberland sausage, and a walnut pesto, it’s a dish that elevates the brunch game to new heights. And for something on the sweeter side, the Banana Brizzle is a dream. Sweet, spiced, and served with warm syrup, fresh strawberries, and passion fruit, it’s a flavour explosion.

Worth Every Penny

  • Mud Muffin: £13.00
  • Wild Mushrooms: £14.00
  • Banana Brizzle: £11.00

Prices that promise an unforgettable brunch experience without breaking the bank.

#InstaWorthy? Absolutely

If you’re looking to jazz up your Instagram feed with some drool-worthy brunch snaps, Mud Cafe is your go-to. Each dish is not only a feast for the tastebuds but also a feast for the eyes.

Mud Cafe: More Than Just Brunch

Peeling back the layers of Mud Cafe, you’ll discover a spot that reflects West African and Caribbean influences, reimagining regular brunch dishes into something extraordinary. Proudly Black-owned by a dynamic brother and sister duo, Femi and Kemilia, Mud keeps things fresh with a seasonal menu update, ensuring there’s always something new to try alongside the beloved Mud classics.

Join Our Brunch Series Journey

Stay tuned as we continue our quest through Tooting’s brunch scene, evaluating ambiance, food quality, pricing, and Instagram appeal. We’re on the hunt for the very best breakfasts in town, and we’re just getting started. Mud Cafe has set the bar high, and we can’t wait to see what other culinary delights await us.

Catch you at the next brunch spot!

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