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BRUNCH SERIES: Diving into the Delights of Taştê on Mitcham Road

Tucked away on the bustling streets of Tooting, Taştê Cafe on Mitcham Road is the latest gem in our brunch series.

Its warm pink decor and the friendliest of welcomes make it a standout spot for brunch lovers and those keen on a culinary adventure.

A Feast of Flavours

Our culinary journey at Taştê  began with the Tepsi Sharer, a lavish spread meant for two. This selection is a celebration of tastes, from the savoury succulence of sucuk sausage and feta cheese to the sweet charms of homemade apricot jam. It’s served with a rich shakshuka, börek accompanied by a dipping sauce, mushrooms, salad, olives, and creamy yogurt with a drizzle of date syrup. This dish invites you to blend sweet and savoury in every mouthful, redefining your brunch expectations.

The Menemen offered a delightful contrast, with its simple yet captivating mix of sautéed onions, peppers, tomatoes, and feta, all served with bread. It’s a dish that’s both comforting and invigorating, capturing the essence of Turkish cuisine.

For those needing a morning boost, Taştê’s Authentic Turkish Coffee is the perfect choice. It’s rich and robust, offering a true kickstart to your day. The fresh juice, made right in front of you, adds a refreshing touch to the meal’s rich flavours.

Value for Money

At £29.65, the Tepsi Sharer presents a bounty of flavours for two, proving to be as satisfying as it is varied. The Menemen, priced at £7.75, affirms Tastê’s dedication to offering sumptuous options for all budgets. With Turkish Espresso Coffee and fresh juice at £2.50 and £5.00 respectively, Taştê ensures a full-bodied brunch experience for everyone.

Picture-Perfect Setting

Is Taştê Instagramable? Most definitely. With its pink hues and welcoming atmosphere, every corner of this café is a potential snapshot, making it the perfect backdrop for those brunch moments worth sharing.

Joining a Culinary Adventure

As our brunch series in Tooting unfolds, Taştê on Mitcham Road distinguishes itself not only through its culinary delights but also through the experience it offers. This edition highlights Taştê’s commitment to exploration and joy in discovery. With its blend of exceptional food, inviting ambience, and visual appeal, Taştê isn’t just a café; it’s a journey into the heart of Turkish cuisine, served with a dash of love.

Stay tuned as we continue to reveal Tooting’s hidden culinary treasures. Taştê on Mitcham Road is just the beginning, and we’re eager to bring you along for more delightful finds.

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