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Tri Coffee: The New Go-To Spot for Post-Workout Brunch in Tooting

Right on Trinity Road, Tri Coffee emerges as the latest buzz for Tooting’s fitness enthusiasts.

Conveniently located next to CrossFit Tooting, this modern café serves as the quintessential spot for those looking to recharge after their workout. With a menu spanning from invigorating smoothies to satisfying hot meals and quick sandwiches, Tri Coffee promises to shine, especially when the summer sun does.

Designed for the Fitness-Minded

If you kickstart your day with energy and exercise, then Tri Coffee’s atmosphere is tailored for you. Integrating a fitness-friendly appeal with a comfortable dining setup, it provides the perfect backdrop for a post-exercise meal or a leisurely summer hangout. Whether you prefer sitting indoors or enjoying the outdoor seating, this café is an excellent choice for a fulfilling brunch or a simple snack on the go.

Culinary Delights for the Active Soul

Moreover, Tri Coffee’s menu caters to a variety of tastes:

  • For instance, the Savoury Crossandwich cleverly pairs bacon, egg, and mature cheddar in a sweet croissant, offering the ideal sweet and savory mix.
  • Similarly, The Good Fat presents a delectable combination of smashed avocado on sourdough, enhanced with feta, chili, and poached eggs, making it a dish full of flavor and freshness.
  • Additionally, for those craving a sweet refreshment, the Grace Smoothie mixes blueberries, strawberries, and peanut butter, whereas the Isabel Smoothie introduces a tropical flair with dragonfruit, mango, and banana.

Affordable Indulgence

  • The Savoury Crossandwich is priced at £8.00.
  • The Good Fat at £11.00.
  • Both the Grace and Isabel Smoothies are available for just £5.00 each.

These appealing prices make enjoying a quality brunch at Tri Coffee an easy choice without stretching your budget.

A Feast for the Eyes

And yes, it’s undeniably Instagram-worthy! Between Tri Coffee’s distinct Tooting-themed decor and the vivid colors of its smoothies, capturing a share-worthy photo is a breeze. It’s the ideal spot to create envy-inducing posts for your social media circles.

Continuing the Brunch Series Exploration

As part of our ongoing mission to discover Tooting’s brunch bests, Tri Coffee stands out not only for its ambience and delicious offerings but also for its picture-perfect presentation and value for money. Keep following our journey as we delve into more culinary treasures, evaluating each on ambience, food quality, pricing, and their potential for creating Instagram moments. Join us to find your next brunch haven in Tooting.

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