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Try something different at Akila Pole Studios

Akila Pole Studios is really unique. The workout itself is unique, the atmosphere is unique and the whole thing is an absolute delight.

Akila Pole Studios was born from ‘passion and sheer determination’. Akila taught private lessons in pole out of her home for several years as a hobby, and after collecting a group of dedicated students, decided to make the leap and open her own studio. Akila Pole Studios opened in September of 2021 and, as well as offering a place to practice and perfect pole dancing, it is also an inclusive, safe space for the community that Akila has created. It was unsurprising, then, when the studio gained popularity rapidly. In fact, it was so popular that Akila had to open a brand new studio just 6 months after the first, located just off Effra Road. She is able to offer classes 7 days a week with her team of 12 talented instructors. 

Over the week there is a huge variety of classes on offer. From amateur to advanced, choreographed, heels, stretch and conditioning classes as well as workshops and special events too. The range of classes means that the space is for anyone and everyone. Any age, gender, size or fitness ability is welcomed into the studio and Akila is proud of the wide and diverse student base she has built up. Whatever your personal goal is- there will be something at this studio for you. You’ll be supported within a fun, supportive environment; exactly what we’ve experienced every time we’ve taken a class.

We’ve been down a few times and we absolutely love it. Akila herself is nothing but positive energy and good vibes and that has a strong ripple effect throughout her studio. All the instructors are so positive, welcoming and inclusive, as are the other people in class too- we were chatting with the rest of the group and enjoying the easy atmosphere within the group. The pole class itself is challenging and we definitely had some sore muscles (and thighs) afterwards, but you’ll soon forget any soreness with the amount of fun you’ll be having. You’ll be getting constant tips from the instructor throughout to improve your movements and form, and though the movements can be a little daunting to begin with it’s amazing how quickly you can progress. It’s such a different experience to any other form of exercise and we really enjoyed it for its uniqueness.

Want to give Akila Pole Studio a go? Good idea. Especially with half price off your first class! Use the code: BRIXTONBBY at checkout when booking. Enjoy.

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