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Two Drops: Battersea’s New Cosy Spot for Cheese Toasties and More

Exciting times ahead for Battersea Power Station as the Harts Group, known for bringing El Pastor to the locale, unveils yet another gem.

This time, it’s Two Drops, a sibling to the King’s Cross wine bar, but with a twist that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds of locals and visitors alike.

A Toast to Toasties

Two Drops broadens its horizons beyond wine, aiming to become a neighbourhood favourite with its offer of “wine, beer, baps” and, notably, cheese toasties. These aren’t your everyday toasties, though. Picture sourdough bursting with French Jurarégal cheese, with options to add fillings like salt beef with pickled gherkin and horseradish, smoked haddock and English mustard, or for the adventurous, marmite and shallot. Keep an eye out for unique toastie collaborations that promise to be a crowd-pleaser.

Beyond Bread

The menu doesn’t stop at toasties. Diners can expect seasonal soups, a cheese board brimming with selections, roasted potatoes, and crispy chicken goujons served with a chipotle sweet chilli sauce. For dessert, a toastie takes a sweet turn with dulce de leche, caramelised banana, and hazelnut – a perfect end to the meal.

Sips to Savour

Two Drops has drinks covered, from beer on tap, including Guinness, to a curated wine list and a concise cocktail selection. Not to miss is the espresso martini, crafted from the coffee served at the bar, offering a caffeinated kick with a twist.

A Place to Unwind

With seating for about 60 inside and a quaint terrace by the river, Two Drops is envisioned as a “cosy and welcoming bolthole” by MD Crispin Somerville. It’s set to be the perfect retreat for those looking to enjoy good food, great drinks, and even better company in a relaxed setting.

As Battersea Power Station continues to evolve, Two Drops adds a new layer to its culinary landscape, promising to be a must-visit for anyone seeking comfort food with a gourmet twist. Get ready to drop by Two Drops, where the humble toastie gets a gourmet makeover.

When does it open? 26 April 2024

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