2 years ago

Brixton’s award winning spots

Two of our favourite Brixton spots have won a TimeOut’s love local award. We’re mega biased so it’s great to see these spots celebrated and recognised London-wide.

Credit: @naughtypiglets

Naughty Piglets has won South London’s most loved restaurant and we totally get why. Sustainable, small plates, natural wines. Surely the buzz words of the year & they all describe the situation over at NP. Make sure you get booking, because there’s no doubt this (deserved) fame will cause queues.

Credit: @shaheenbaigcasting

The Ritzy has won London’s most loved cinema. Obvious to us, but how nice that it’s had the recognition from the whole of London town. An icon of the high street, the cinema has been about since 1911 and since then has made it’s way through a bunch of different names; Electric Pavilion, The Pullman, The Classic, The Little Bit Ritzy (we like that one), and now The Ritzy Picturehouse. Whatever name it’s going by, it is part of the tapestry in Brixton.

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