2 years ago

Virtually tour the Houses of Parliament for Royal Trinity

There’s a LOT going on in the Houses of Parliament. Erm- especially at the moment. Now’s your chance to have a nosey around for a good cause.

Credit: royaltrinityhospice.london

If you’ve always wanted a peep behind the doors of one of Londons most famous buildings, here is your chance. On the 9th November, tour the Houses of Parliament with guide Loona Hazarika. Loona is a seasoned historian who has appeared on several TV shows so has great front of camera skills… which is good news because that’s how you’ll be experiencing him. Yes, instead of schlepping around the rooms and having to strain to hear over the heads of other tour-ers, you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll get 360 degree views of each room whilst hearing about the fascinating history of each as you go. From the debating chambers to the Members’ lobby, there will be no room left undiscovered. All of this is absolutely free too; however the hosts, Clapham-based Royal Trinity Hospice, are asking for donations if you decide to join. The charity provide end of life care and support the families and loved ones of their patients; incredible work that really deserves our support. So go, tour the Houses of Parliament and raise a little bit of money for a very important charity.

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