2 years ago

The virtual reality game set in Clapham’s WW2 bomb shelter

The kid’s VR game that’s got us wishing we were a bit younger. Travel back in time and through the WW2 shelter under your feet.

Credit: Musemio/LTM

The game, aimed at kids between 8-11 years old, is a mix of both educational and fun elements. To get a good historical base the designers used real testimonies from children who had to shelter from bombs falling in the Second World War. The old shelter isn’t actually accessible for children today, due it it’s high dust levels and dangerous terrane, so the VR game is a way for kids to get an understanding of what is below their feet in Clapham.

Credit: Musemio/LTM

Set in 1944, the aim of the game is to find a passcode for robot Mio to fix a time machine by moving through the mile long tunnel. There will be interactive games, quizzes and riddles along the way as well as fun characters like a Queen mouse and a grumpy teddy to help find the code. To access the Clapham tunnels you just need to get the Museo app, strap on your cardboard headset and you’re good to go. Just for 8-11 years old you say? Sounds pretty good to us…

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