2 years ago

See Sankofa, the new show at The Bread & Roses

Need a shot of culture? Look no further than the Bread & Roses for their newest offering; Sankofa.

Bought to us by Acquah&co, Sankofa is a new show which will be on at The Bread & Roses in Clapham from the 15th-19th Feb.

Credit: Bread & Roses

The show is a mix of music, storytelling and traditional poetry and is based on a semi-autobiographical story of what it means to have roots in Africa whilst living in London.

San-ko-fa can be literally translated as: To return, to go, to fetch, which hints at the complex feelings of belonging that will be explored in this play. The story is about a grand-uncle based in Ghana and a woman in London, and the deep links they share.

“Acquah&co is a theatre company led by Nicole Acquah, making multi-disciplinary work that showcases and celebrates diverse voices.” The show has also been shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Playwriting, so it’s looking like a must see.

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