2 years ago

Looking for romance? You’ll find it in Clapham Flowers

This Valentine’s Day take it back to basics and spoil that special someone with a big, beautiful bouquet from Clapham Flowers.

Who said romance is dead? There is nothing like a big fat bouquet of gorgeous flowers to woo your number one on the 14th, and where else to go other than Clapham Flowers. They are tucked in just by Clapham South and are here to sort you out with any kind of floral display your Valentine could possibly want.

Whether you want to pop in and pick up a bouquet or order online, they’ve got you covered for Monday. You can make your own bespoke bunch or, if that feels a little intimidating, you can leave it to the pros and rest assured that they will make you something beautiful.

credit: @claphamflowers

They’ve also collaborated with the creative independent business ‘Girl with the hoop earring‘, so if you want to add a little something extra pick up a stylish vase by them to put your new blooms in.

They’ll be open late on the weekend and if you’ve left things a little last min (surely not?!) they’ll be open at 7am on Valentine’s day.

Treat your love this Valentine’s day, or, take a leaf out of our book, be your own Valentine and treat yourself.

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