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Walk Her Home: the march protesting violence against women and girls

A year after the murder of South West London local, Sarah Everard, #WalkHerHome is hosting a peaceful march.

Credit: @walkherhomelambeth

A year after Sarah Everard went missing, Walk Her Home is hosting a peaceful march from the Clapham Common bandstand to Windrush Square in Brixton. The march is to protest against violence to women and girls, and feels especially poignant just a few days after the anniversary of Sarah’s abduction, rape and murder by Wayne Couzens. Being a serving police officer at the time, the crimes Couzens committed felt impossibly horrific. The local and global trust in those in power was shaken and the crimes cast a blinding spotlight on the way women are too often abused and murdered by men.

Protests and vigils were held all over South West London, with Sarah in the hearts and minds of all who attended. A year on, #walkherhome is a movement aimed to highlight the ever present violence against women and girls. Here’s what they said:

“Come along to let the Government and the Police know that we are exhausted, heartbroken and angry to have lost so many sisters and to continuously fear for our lives. Men’s violence against women and girls can be prevented. We demand our right to live in safety, free from the constant threat of physical and sexual violence, no matter where we are, what we are doing, whether at home or in public spaces.”


The March starts at 7pm, and will end with speeches in the square in Brixton. If you are unable to walk, local busses run a similar route.

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