2 years ago

Want to know what most ‘grammable burger looks like?

Looks good, tastes good. This may be the most ‘grammable burger in town, but it’s not just a pretty face- it packs a flavour punch too.

At this year’s Taste of London, Haché won a pretty prestigious award. The ‘Most Instagrammable Dish’ is a pretty big deal in a world where the camera eats first, and Haché took the gold home with their new Truffle Croissant Burger.

And sure, it looks darn good. A croissant bun topped with a sweet little gherkin and oozing with melting cheese is quite the picture. But it’s not just a pretty face- this burger tastes incredible too. Flakey croissant pastry, a hearty steak patty, truffle mayo and enough melted gruyère and Comté to have a bath in is a recipe for a tastebud party. A treat for the eyes and a treat for the tum too.

Whizz down and get this bad boy whilst it is still on the menu- it will only be available for a limited time. And pro tip? Whilst you’re there you might as well finish up your meal with one of the ice-cream sandwiches… the big question is whether you’re going for the raspberry and peanut butter or double chocolate Nutella…

Credit: @hacheburgers

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