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What to do in Clapham this AUGUST

Hiya August! Not jetting off on a holiday this month? No worries- there’s lots to do right on your doorstep.

Reset with a yoga and brunch

Credit: @s.w_yoga

When: 14th Aug

Where: Clapham Common

Take some time for yourself and unwind in the outdoor space of the Common before heading over for a brunch at Brickwood. You can find more details here.

Celebrate Jamaican Independence

Credit: ra.co

When: 6th Aug

Where: LIT, SW4 7UX

To celebrate Jamaican Independence, LIT are hosting a big old party. Think bashment, afrobeats, soca, hip hop and much more. They’re strongly recommending getting tickets in advance however, this one will likely sell out.

Treat yourself to a proper weekday lunch

When: Every week day

Where: Lievito Madre, SW4 6DB

Lunch time doesn’t need to be a soggy sandwich any more. Upgrade your meal deal with a pizza wrap from one of our favourite pizza spots on the high street.

Channel your inner artist

Credit: @commonclapham

When: 31st Aug

Where: Common Clapham, SW4 0HY

Pick up the paintbrush and channel the artist within. Common Clapham are hosting an art-school style life drawing class. With poses ranging from 10-40 mins, you’ll have a chance to create a variety of art.

Indulge in some plant based chaos

Credit: @thegnarbecue

When:1st-19th Aug

Where: The King and Co

The Gnarbecue is taking over the kitchen at The King and Co, ready to reframe all your notions of fast food. Self proclaimed makers of ‘plant-based chaos’, on the menu are burgers with inventive twists (the ‘sacre bleu’ has got our mouths watering) and incredible fries. Oh, and it’s all vegan? Perfect if you’re craving something hearty but are trying to cut down on the meat.

Get a laugh in

Credit: eventbrite

When: Every Thursday in Aug

Where: Railway Tavern, SW4 7UR

Your Thursdays are now always busy because the comedy bandits are in town over at the Railway Tavern. With free laughs throughout the month, from comedians both up-and-coming and established, you’re certainly in for a giggle.

Party with Simmons

When: 18th & 19th Aug

Where: Simmons, SW4 7SS

Simmons is finally opening on the high street, and in classic Simmons style they are throwing a party as they celebrate throwing open the doors to their newest location. On the 18th and 19th of this month you can expect mega-deals and mega good vibes. Welcome to our new neighbours!

Warm up for Carnival

Credit: @freshcutdemayor

When: 25th Aug

Where: LIT, SW4 7UX

Start the party early with this Carnival warm up event happening at LIT. Kick off the weekend of celebrations with DJs from Toronto, Miami and London. The hottest soca and reggae extravaganza, there’s no better way to begin the long weekend.

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