2 years ago

When all the fun of the fair came to Battersea

We’ve all thought about upping sticks and running off to the circus. But it would have looked a lot different if you’d done it in 1968…

Credit: Redferns

The ethics of the circus world were a little different back in the 60’s, and thankfully scenes like this today wouldn’t be received in the same way. However, they do make for some pretty incredible pictures. This is from Billy Smart’s Circus, which travelled with over 200 animals at it’s peak. They used elephants, lions, bears, camels, sea lions and horses to name a few. In it’s time the circus would have been quite the sight to behold. Having said that, we can’t help but feel grateful to animal right’s movements for making sure this kind of circus came to an end. Though, surprisingly, the use of performing animals only became unlawful in 2020.

Credit: Redferns

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