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Battersea Power Station light festival opens today

The Power Station is getting a ’22 glow up.

Credit: @batterseapwrstn

There’s something pretty upsetting about seeing the Christmas lights get torn down from their sparkly heights. Sadly the New Year means no more strings of fairy lights on the streets of London. Thats is, unless you’re in Battersea. Starting today, the Power Station is going to be bathed in lights, exactly what we need to cheer up the cold, dark January evenings.

The 2022 festival of lights consists of 6 installations from artists across the globe. The installations will be:

  • Run Beyond, by Angelo Bonello
  • Digital Origami Tigers, by LAVA
  • Antenna Sud, by Michela Bonzi
  • Greenhouse, by Victor Engbers
  • Picto Sender Machine, by Felipe Prado
  • Eternal Sundowners, by Mads Vegas
Credit: @yuri_ichinohe

Eagle-eyed amongst you might have already noticed a few of the installations already. Above is the piece by LAVA, which just hints of how exciting the festival is going to be. Cameras at the ready.

The festival runs until the 27th Feb.

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