2 years ago

Where to watch the World Cup in Tooting

If you’re itching to get a bit of the World Cup action, then look no further than these Tooting spots that will be showing the games.

The Corin

Credit: thecorintooting.com

The Corin are going all out and showing all games. You’re guaranteed a great view too- they’ve got 3 x 120 inch projector screens so you won’t miss any of the action. And for when the nervous energy gets the better of you and you’re in need of a pick-me-up, they have added a ‘World Cup Burger’ deal to their menu. You’ll get the holy trinity of a burger, fries and a pint for just £16 during the tournament. Get your £15 ticket in advance to secure your table and you’ll get free pint on entry too.

The Antelope

Credit: theantelopepub.com

Already fully booked for the games, but don’t fret! They’re taking walk-ins on the day. Just get there in good time so you don’t get a crick in your neck; this one is going to be busy. Of course, great food, great drink and a great atmosphere will all be available on the day.

Graveney & Meadow

Credit: graveneyandmeadow.com

There’s a special World Cup menu available which will be available during the matches. A peak at their Instagram gave us a sneak preview of what kind of food it will be- fried picky bits are the order of the day and the perfect paring to go with your pint. Oh and the matches? They’ll be screened inside and out- The Graveney & Meadow have a massive (and covered!) beer garden. There are brand new ‘extra big’ TVs too, so you’ll get an even better view.

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