2 years ago

Whipped launch their new breakfast item

Let us count the ways we love Whipped. The cheesecakes, the cookies, the brownies and now? The cheesecake pastries.

PSA: Cheesecake pastries are better than porridge.⁠ Well, duh. But the news is this: Whipped have launched their cheesecake pastries and they will be available for you to pick up from their Brixton location as of tomorrow (7th April). If the rest of the menu is acting as the record, then we are pretty sure we are about to have our little minds blown by how good they will be.

Credit: @whipped_london

To start they’ll be launching in two flavours: the blueberry crumble or the dulce de leche, maple and pecan. We’ve got sweaty palms just trying to work out which one we will have first…

Credit: @whipped_london

The deal is that you can get a pastry and a coffee for a fiver. What a delicious steal.

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