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From White Onion to Black Sheep, Wimbledon’s new restaurant

Wimbledon Village is getting a new restaurant this summer. Promising seasonal, ethical food, Black Sheep is a welcome addition.

Credit: @theblacksheep_resto

Opening this Summer, Black Sheep will be the Gladwin Brothers’ 6 restaurant in London. If you want to whet your appetite for their cooking their other SW locations include The Fat Badger (Richmond), Rabbit (Chelsea) and Nutbourne (Battersea).

Credit: @theblacksheep_resto

Black Sheep will be replacing Wimbledon Village’s French restaurant The White Onion. In a prime Wimbledon location, the restaurant will be under a lot of scrutiny from it’s new locals when it does open. However, the previous 5 locations have set the standard high for the Gladwin Brothers and they’re sure to take their new home by storm.

The Gladwin Brothers ethos is wonderfully ethical- each of their menus celebrate the English countryside with a strong emphasis on plant led food and high welfare meat. Here’s what they’ve said about their concept:

“We have designed each restaurant to represent their surrounding area, reflecting the unique traits of each while satisfying the style of the borough and its locals. All of our restaurants showcase ‘Local & Wild’, which is at the heart of our concept.”

Gladwin Brothers
Credit: @theblacksheep_resto

A sneak peak at the proposed menu suggests seasonal, exciting food. Though The White Onion is sure to be missed, Black Sheep will surely prove itself a worthy replacement.

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