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Why Market Row Rum is so great

Rum is great. That’s obvious. But the really good stuff is made by Market Row- it tastes good, does good, it gets our vote.

Credit: @market_row_rum

If you’ve been to a bar in Brixton, if you like a little rum cocktail or if you’re obsessed with local businesses then you probably know about Market Row Rum. If you’ve been living under a rock? Let us enlighten you.

In the 18 months they’ve been in production, Market Row have created a rum that is a celebration of Brixton. Using botanicals sourced directly from the local market, the rum is flavoured with Kenyan black tea, hibiscus from Nigeria and red rose from Pakistan. The rum itself is a blend of spiced spirit from Jamaica, Barbados and Dominica. The ‘multicultural-ness’ of the product is homage to it’s Brixton home, a melting pot of different cultures that has created something beautiful.

Aside from the product, Market Row is a wonderful company. They’re based right in the beating heart of Brixton in Impact (look up whilst when you’re next walking down Electric Lane and you’ll be able to see their rum distiller in the window). And though physically Brixton-centric, it seems that they are also involved with the community in their heart and soul. Impact has allowed them to find their people around them, often the bottling of the alcohol will be done by friends and family of the space, and by their own admission they’ve only been able to grow with the support of local talent. They’ve made incredible friendships with their suppliers and customers- it’s not every company who will cycle over and make sure you’ve got stock on the shelf, but Market Row pride themselves in this kind of personable relationship.

And what’s next? Well, they’ve collaborated with Brixton born DJ J.J.Frost of course! Creating his own blend, watch out for the Frost Liquid V Rum- it’s going to take the rum world by storm.

So yes, they’ve got a high end spiced rum with a flavour that is completely unique to Brixton. But don’t just invest in a bottle for the taste- invest because this is a company that is creating and sustaining community in a time where London needs it the most. It’s a socially sustainable enterprise and we are excited to see what comes next for them.

You can find them in almost every bar and spirit selling store in Brixton, in Clapham they’re stocked in Dvine Cellars and in the Four Thieves in Battersea. If you’re in central pop into Fortnam’s and you’ll be able to get a bottle!

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