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Wingstop is landing on Clapham High Street in March

There’s about to be another fast food restaurant on Clapham High Street, and this one is all about the wings.

Credit: @_myfoodie

Coming in hot! ‘Winging’ its way to the South West, Wingstop is taking over Bodean’s old location at number 169 Clapham High Street and is set to open in March this year. From Glasgow to Bristol, this chicken chain has 19 dine-in locations in the UK already and many more ‘delivery only’ dark kitchens scattered between. And those 19 UK restaurants just scratch the surface of the Wingstop empire- there are over 1,500 restaurants globally. The US, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, France and the UAE all have places where they can get the signature chicken. Wingstop has been around for a while too; it started life in Texas in 1994, where it started as a small buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant. In 1997 they began franchising and the brand took flight. They’ve now got their feathers ruffled for a SW London location and their next nest is Clapham.

So what’s Wingstop all about? Well, their tagline “flavour is our everything” tells you that this chicken joint is all about the taste- and with 10 different signature flavours they are staying true to their word. Their concept is really fun: choose wings, boneless, tenders or a burger and then pick between one of their 10 flavours to coat your chicken in. There’s everything from the classics like original, garlic parmesan or Louisiana rub to the more adventurous like the mango habanero or the fiery atomic seasoning. Basically, if you like chicken then this is going to be your new favourite. And if you don’t like chicken? Well… there are some other options: a few variety of fries and there’s a slaw or churros for pud, but really, this place is for the chicken lovers.

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