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OAKBERRY is painting Battersea purple

Purple things we like: Pansies. Octopus. Açai. SW London isn’t going to be full of sea creatures anytime soon, but açai? That’s a different story.

Credit: @oakberry.uk

Açai fans listen up, because you’re going to really enjoy this new neighbour. OAKBERRY is an eatery that celebrates the little purple fruit and it’s about to move into its brand new home on St John’s Road. Though the business might be new to Battersea, it’s actually been running for 7 years. And you’ve probably heard of them too, because they’ve got over 600 stores across 35 countries.

So first thing’s first, açai? What’s that? Straight from the Amazon forest, these berries are nutritional powerhouses. Packed full of antioxidants they’re valued for all kinds of health benefits, as well as being naturally low in calories, full of fibre and even pack in a few grams of healthy fat. Plus, they taste delicious- they’ve got an earthy, slightly muted flavour which means they are a great base to pair with a load of other flavours.

Credit: @oakberry.uk

That’s where OAKBERRY comes in. Their açai-based menu is made up of smoothies, snacks and drinks but their signature ‘thing’ are their bowls. This is where it gets fun. You get to personalise your own bowl with whatever toppings your heart desires. First you choose the size (classic, works or the 24oz ‘The Oak’) and then you get to go mad on the unlimited extras. Granola, nut butters, chia seed pudding, fruits, crunchy things, protein boosters…

If scooping up your açai is too much effort for you- or you’re on the go- then the smoothies make your personalised bowl into a more portable, drinkable affair. And knowing that the açai is 100% organic and sustainably farmed is just another delicious topping to your meal.

OAKBERRY will be opening at 98 St John’s Road, SW11 1PX

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