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5 gyms to check out this year

New year, new you? Snore. But if you were looking for an excuse to try out a new fitness regime, then Jan is as good a time as any. We’ve found a few classes from independent gyms that will get you sweaty and (most importantly) get those endorphins pumping.

Dog House Fitness

Balham, SW12 9QX

Credit: @doghousefitness

The perfect place if you’re not really sure what kind of workout fires your rockets. They have a spin studio, a box studio and also do slightly lower intensity workouts like barre and stretch. They’ve got classes from the early hours all the way through until past 7pm, so whether your an early riser or not, there’s a time for you to get your fitness on.

If you are a true SW Londoner then you love dogs, right? Leaning into the name, you can bring your furry friend to Dog House when you come for a workout and the team will look after them for you whilst you get sweaty.


Richmond, TW9 2AZ

Credit: @barchrichmond

If you are in the Richmond area, check out BARCH. Or actually, if you aren’t in the area, make the trip to check out BARCH. They cover a range of different workouts like strength, conditioning and metcon. If you’re new to the gym world, no stress. Their moto is ‘No Ego Training’ and it really shows in their classes. No matter how strong or fit you are, there is a modification for you that one of their trainers can give you. They guarantee a good sweat and the community is so friendly you’ll want to stick around for coffee afterwards.

Warning: their classes are addictive, you’ll find yourself accidentally rolling out of bed at 5.45am on a Monday to get to a class before you know it.

Oh and your first class is free. Check them out.

Surya Hot Yoga

Wimbledon, SW19 4BX

Credit: @suryahotyoga

Looking for something stretchy? Surya Hot Yoga in Wimbledon is the perfect workout if you’re after sweat (and, oh boy, do you sweat) but with low intensity. The heat takes a bit of getting used to, but when you have your muscles can fully relax and allow you to get deeper into the stretches. We took a class with Salma and were grateful for the moderations the instructors make for the slightly, ahem, less flexible amongst us. As a beginner, we felt welcomed and confident enough to try out some of the slightly trickier poses.

If you are brand new to yoga, why not try out one of their unheated classes in the smaller studios to ease into it? Or dive in to the heated stuff and just take it slow.

Make sure you bring water!

CrossFit Putney

Putney, SW15 2PU

Credit: @crossfitputney

CrossFit, but make it bouji. CrossFit Putney is a huge complex under the Putney arches where you can workout in a gorgeous setting with state of the art equipment. There’s a great cafe and seating area at reception where you can get that post class smoothie and chat to other members and trainers.

They don’t just offer CrossFit, they’ve also got yoga, gymnastics, weightlifting… the list goes on. So whatever you want to try out you can give it a go here. They’ve got a starter offer where you can get 6 sessions for £69. Bargain!

Flow Dance London

Kennington, SW9 6DE

Credit: @flowdancelondon

Wanna boogie? Sure you do. Shimmy your way on down to Flow Dance in Kennington, where you can practice your moves in all kinds of different classes. Rumba, waltz and foxtrot through the classic Latin ballroom styles, or get your groove on with a hip-hop or a twerk & whine class. Classes are open to any and all experiences, so whether you are a complete beginner or if you are dancing along to Strictly, there’s a way for you to get your sweat on here.

They also do kids classes if you are looking for something for your little one to do on Sundays. Ages from 4 years old.

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