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8 Brixton Based Charities You Can Support This Christmas

We all know it, Christmas is a time for giving. At this point in the year charities can really feel the strain, and with the uncertainty of the new Covid stress, these great organisations need your help more than ever. We’ve got some cracking charities in Brixton, check them out and, if you can, offer them your support too.

1.Wonder Foundation

Their mission: To empower women and girls with education to exit poverty for good, through mentoring, skill-building and resources.

How you can help: Donate or fundraise.

2. Brixton Soup Kitchen

Their mission: To provide meals for homeless people and those in need. They also provide legal advice on Thursday evenings.

How you can help: They are staffed purely by volunteers ‑ why not join them?

3. Age Uk Lambeth

Their mission: Eradicate loneliness amongst the older population through events.

How you can help: Donate or fundraise. Plus, check out their kickstarter roles for those aged 16‑24 who are currently claiming universal credit.

4. Grove Adventure Playground

Their mission: To keep the playground open for children and community events. They also distribute food parcels to locals in need.

How you can help: Become a member and donate what you can per month to help keep a steady cash flow or volunteer your time.

5. Baytree Centre

Their mission: To provide holistic help to female refugees. This comes in the form of coaching, personal development activities and language classes.

How you can help: Sign up as a mentoring or befriending volunteer.

6. Norwood & Brixton Foodbank

Their mission: Providing nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who have been referred to them.

How you can help:
Donate food to their warehouse at St Margaret’s Church, SW2 3BE. Check their website for products they’re in need of.

7. Compliments of the House

Their mission: Reduce food waste in Brixton by distributing leftovers to those in need.

How you can help: If you’re a local food business, why not become a food donor? If you live locally, you can help distribute the food.

8. Lambeth Friends of the Earth

Their mission: to protect the local area and make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Environmental and social justice.

How you can help: Donate by purchasing one of their bee saver kits! Save some bees and profits go to the charity.

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