2 years ago

Blank is ‘banging out brunch’

Don’t draw a blank when you are next in need of a brunch, a great coffee or a cuddle with a really cute pooch… Head to Blank!

There are a myriad of reasons why you should visit Blank. The food, the coffee, the family-run vibe and, of course, Loki the famous cafe dog. When we visited each element that makes up the Blank ethos really lived up to its highly regarded reputation.

Set off Acre Lane, it is on the cusp of the Brixton/Clapham community. Run by husband and wife duo (and with the help of the cutest mascot, dog Loki) they’ve taken aspects of each of their heritages and produced a menu with both Kiwi and Jamaican influence. And what a menu it is! All made in-house it really is quite the operation. Sausage rolls, toasties, porridge, pancake stacks, full fry-ups and a baked goods section to boot, Blank clearly take brunching very seriously. Oh, and it’s all vegan. Not that you’d notice unless you were really looking- the food is so impressive that any animal products would be, if anything, a distraction.

We ordered a collection of delicious dishes; the house salad put boring, limp salads to shame. It was vibrant, filling and came with a creamy beetroot hummus. The avocado toast was fresh with pomegranate and vegan feta and we can totally understand why the sweetcorn fritters are a fan favourite from Blank’s loyal customers. We loved the swipe of mango chill sauce on the side too- it was hard to not lick the plate clean. As sweet-toothed people, the pancakes really stole our hearts. Drizzled with a delicious syrup and topped with lots of berries they are perfect for sharing after a savoury main. Each dish had exceptional presentation. There is clearly a lot of love and effort in each plate they put out.

As with any breakfast cafe, the coffee is a vital component. And Blank don’t miss here either. With 17 years of experience in the coffee industry, the owners really know what they’re doing when it comes to brewing a good cup of Joe. Take a peak at the latte art too- it really is impressive.

If you are looking for a warm hug of a place, then Blank is the spot for you. You’ll be well looked after and made to feel welcomed into this family with incredible food and a happy, happy atmosphere. And there’s Loki too of course.

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