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Body Fit Training franchise to open near Battersea Power Station

It’s not just us who can’t get enough of the Power Station. Globally established businesses love it too. Here’s the latest who’s moving in. 

Credit: @bft_studios

Body Fit Training (BFT) will be opening in Queen’s Circus this February. The brand, which was founded and then franchised in Australia, made its way over to the UK in September last year where it opened its first gym this side of the Atlantic in Leicester. Though BFT was only founded in 2017, in 2021 luxury gym brand group Xponential Fitness acquired it for US$44m, meaning that it was able to rapidly expand it’s horizon to the UK, US and beyond. There is hope to franchise another 150 studios in the next few years- the next to be right here in South West London. 

So what actually is Body Fit Training? It’s 50 sweaty minutes of functional, strength, cardio and conditioning. Across 13 different workout programmes, there is a huge variety in the classes meaning you’ll be working on different things every day. By doing this, and by using their unique technology that will track your individual progress, you’ll see and feel the efforts of your hard work quickly. 

Credit: @bft_studios

Battersea’s head trainer, Charlie Hendrie has said; “Through our scientifically proven training techniques and highly accredited team of coaches, we aim to provide the perfect environment for the community of Battersea to achieve their fitness goals. We thrive on building an environment where people can build friendships and have fun while working out.”

Battersea is becoming quite the spot for fitness fanatics; the Power Station also has spin studio ‘Boom Cycle’ established there and luxury members gym ‘Third Space’ is underway too. Time to get active, Battersea! 

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