1 year ago

Brickwood are having a Parma Party for one night only

If you’re an Aussie in need of some home comforts or you’ve heard rumours about how good ‘Parmas’ are, then get your tickets for this.

Everyone knows that the South West of London is a hot spot for Australians moving from down under. And we don’t blame them, in our opinion: South West is best (maybe we are biased…). Because of that there are a lot of homesick Auzzies around these parts. Luckily our favourite Australian cafe, Brickwood, is easing the heart ache with a one night only remedy: a Parma Party. 

On Thursday 26th, they’re throwing a party in their Tooting Market branch that will be celebrating all things Australia. There will be a two course menu including those home-comforts you’re craving like chicken Parma, Lamingtons, Anzacs and (obviously) chicken salt. And to drink? Beers straight from Australia and they’re putting their own twist on the classic espresso martini by spiking it with that Aussie favourite: Milo. Milo martini? We’ll have two. If you’re still peckish then get your hands on some classic snacks: Tim Tams, Cherry Ripes, Violet Crumbles, Solo… the list goes on. Of course, it’s not a party without music. There will be great tunes and great vibes all night long in the backyard bar. Ok, so it might not be blisteringly hot and there probably won’t be any snakes slithering over your feet, but for a few hours it’ll be as close to home that you can find this side of the equator. Gather your pals, Aussie or not, and get ready to head down under!

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