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Rosmarino; the family-run Italian we are already planning on going back to

The kind of place we didn’t want to tell you about for fear of queues. But this restaurant puts out queue worthy food, and you should go.

Rosmarino is a beautiful family run Italian. Rustic with a hint of the modern, this restaurant is just a stones throw away from Tooting Bec station. It’s a proper hidden gem- for our sins we’d never visited it until recently, despite it being open since 2019. And what an error that was. It is one of the best restaurants we’ve ever been to and we are already planning our return.

Daria and Giovanni are the husband and wife team who run the show at Rosmarino. With raw brick walls and warm overhead lighting they’ve managed to nail the interior decor to make it simple, beautiful, modern and warm all at the same time. To go and sit in Rosmarino is a wonderful experience in itself.

We went on a Friday evening and though by 6.45pm the restaurant was absolutely packed it didn’t affect the service a bit. It was impeccable all night even as the seat continually filled. We had a Rosmarino G&T to start. Served with fresh rosemary, olives and a black olive tonic it was surprisingly refreshing. This drink was a lovely savoury hit which, actually, is just what we like before a meal.

To kick things off we had the burrata and beef tartare. The burrata was served with two types of kale done. Before you run at the mention of kale let us tell you- we’d never had it so good. The curly leaf and the black kind were both roasted until crispy which added a hit of crunch as well as some salt to an otherwise creamy dish. Beetroot puree and burrata and hits of toasted hazelnut made for an impressive start. The beef tartare was served with a Bloody Mary dressing and egg yolk and may well have stolen the show for us. Presented beautifully it really was one of the best things we’ve eaten in a while. What a duo to start!

For our mains we had the cacio e pepe and the lamb rump. The cacio e pepe was served with homemade pasta and the difference was obvious. It tasted fresh and came with some tangy pecorino romano foam, toasted crushed black pepper and Italian lemon zest. Though pasta was rich, the zing of the condiments really lightened it up and it was incredibly easy to eat the whole lot in a couple of forkfuls. The lamb was cooked to be melt-in-the-mouth soft and the port sauce that came with it made the dish feel even more special. To go with these two we got a side of the fried crispy mushrooms to share. They were so moreish we regretted quickly not getting one each.

Rosmarino is an absolute must try for any foodie. Or actually, just anyone. Anyone will really enjoy this sweet restaurant, and whilst you’re there make sure you check out their vast selection of wines and cocktails. We know we will be when we next make a trip… Speaking of, we are booking now.

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