2 years ago

A bit more about Brixton Blend

Londoners are loyal to their locals, but try out something else when you’re next in Brixton and give Brixton Blend a shot.

Brixton Blend are located in the perfect spot to pick up your morning coffee en route to Brixton station. They’ve been knocking around the high street for a while and have a well deserved loyal fan base. We popped down for a quick latte (which was, of course, top notch) and found out a little more about the cafe, their history and what makes them so unique.

First things first- the coffee. Brixton Blend use their own, well… blend. A happy mix of beans from Brazil and El Salvador makes the base, with additional input from Columbia or Peru depending on seasonality. The result is a fantastically drinkable coffee that has enough depth to perform solo as an espresso or if, like us, you like it with a bit of milk, it makes for a great creamier drink too.

The space itself has become quite to hub for the WFH-er. If you still find yourself working a few days out of the office its a great space to whack out the laptop and crack on with the day’s tasks. You’ll be served by extremely skilled baristas whatever time of day you go for your brew, the staff are really loyal to the cafe and you’ll only need to visit a few times before you start recognising your server.

So maybe next time, skip out on Pret. You can do better by Brixton Blend.

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