2 years ago

Mikos Gyros to open in a new Brixton location

Brixton’s gyros go-to is upping sticks and moving to a brand new, bigger location in town. We can’t wait for the refurb!

Credit: @mikosgyros

To know Mikos Gyros is to love Mikos Gyros. And if you’ve already visited them in Brixton, you’ll be extremely pleased to know that they are reopening their site in a brand new location into the newly developed arches. What separates them from the usual gyros we hear you ask? Mikos first started it’s Brixton life in 2017 and has since opened several more of it’s stores following the huge popularity it has garnered. The popularity probably has something to do with the incredible ethos of the company. They focus on farm-to-table dining, meaning everything is made in house by them using the highest quality ingredients. These ingredients go into making their Greek-inspired gyros and boxes, forming an extensive menu of fresh items from the classic chicken to the vegan friendly portobello mushroom options.

The new location will mean that there is more room for sit-in dining, so you can sit down and tuck into your wraps and boxes. We’ve also heard whispers that the 1st 300 pita gyros will be going for a quid when they do reopen, so keep your peepers out for the date!

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