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BUDGET BITES: 3 courses at Rick’s Dining Room

Welcome to BUDGET BITES, where we show you a variety of money saving tricks at your local eateries and bars.

Rick’s Dining Room is a rare gem in todays London. It’s a comforting, homely place that serves food that you are probably already craving and is as unfussy as it comes. They’ve got a set menu and you choose between two options for each course, get served some hearty portions and leave probably having experienced that Ratatouille moment (if you know, you know). Even rarer is the price of this kind of evening. Three courses of seasonal food can really take a toll on the plastic… but not here. Every Wednesday to Friday the 3 courses come in here at £10. Yes, you are reading that right. That’s probably cheaper than the M&S meal deal you were thinking about picking up en route home and certainly will cost less than your regular Deliveroo order.

So, of course, we had to try out Rick’s Dining Room for our BUDGET BITES series and see if it was up to scratch. It really was. When we went, we started with the local Jerusalem artichoke soup with garlic croutons. It was peppery and delicious and absolutely packed with flavour. The portion size was great and it felt like a proper way to start the evening at Rick’s: a comforting bowl of goodness.

For the main we chose the cheesy linguine with aubergine (though we were really tempted by the second choice of bacon and liver with mash and onion gravy…). But the pasta was great. Creamy, cheesy and accompanied with some perfectly cooked aubergine. And to finish up we had the refreshing blood orange sorbet. Which, honestly, was just about all we could fit in after the pasta. A really well balanced menu in our opinion, especially when accompanied with an elderflower Spritz too.

A 3 course meal for 2 for £20 in London? We thought someone may have pranked us but no, the bill came and there it was in black and white. But check out what else is on at Rick’s too. As well as the 3-4-10 offer, there’s an amazing a la carte menu too, plus a monthly wine tasting and a steak night for £16:50 for steak, chips and a glass of wine! 

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