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Celebrate International Migrants Day in Tooting

Recognise and celebrate the impact that migrants have had on Tooting’s culture this Sunday with a guided tour.

Credit: @summerstown182

In collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration, Planet Tooting is hosting a special guided walk for International Migrants Day on the 18th December. Every year the day to aims “to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties of international migration”.

Tooting has recently installed a blue plaque above the entrance to Tooting Market to recognise the contribution of the migrants who have come to the area, and there is certainly a lot of history to cover that will make this walk incredibly interesting. The tour will be led by local historian Geoff Simmons. Geoff leads the famous ‘Planet Tooting’ walks and certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to the rich past of Tooting. The walk starts at 2pm at the King Edward VII statue in Tooting Broadway and is completely free.

Geof has said that the day “…reflects on the role of migrants in our societies, their positive contribution and the challenges they face in achieving their full potential and capabilities. This day is also a reminder that human rights are not ‘earned’ by virtue of being a hero or a victim, but are an entitlement of everyone, regardless of origin, age, gender and status.”

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