2 years ago

Clapham Common is getting a huge upgrade

Clapham Common is about to undergo a huge number of improvements. They aim to make the space safer and more environmentally friendly.

A nip here, a tuck there… Haters will say it’s fake! But absolutely not. There are some serious improvements about to happen to the Common, with the aim of making the space safer, more environmentally friendly and generally even nicer than it already is. So, what’s on the menu for the Common?

  • 37 more lamp columns
  • 6 CCTV cameras installed
  • All open topped bins replaced with closed bins
  • Windmill Drive (the part currently closed off) is being landscaped. Bollards are already set up there to discourage vehicles from driving onto the Common
  • 50 benches will be replaced, and 15 new ones added
  • 60 trees are being planted by Wild Clapham in celebration of the Jubilee
  • Wild meadow area has been selected to encourage pollinators, with 6 more areas identified for wildflower seeding
  • The area behind the Clapham Common tube station has been landscaped and planted with wildflowers
  • Aim for all of the paths to be resurfaced, starting with the worst
  • The new water play area planning is underway

Let’s not forget the work that has already gone into improving the area. There has already been: the huge bandstand and basketball court renovations, the addition of the Pear Tree and Megans, the addition of the composting facility by the bandstand beds and the installation of 50 bird and bat boxes across the Common.

Yep, the Common is really pulling out all the stops to look extra good in the next phase of it’s life. It’s important work making our communal areas a significant hub- we can’t wait to see the glow up.

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