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Clapham resident involved in a world first expedition

From cosy Clapham to an area of the Arctic that has yet to be touched by humankind, resident Joe Witt is taking on an impressive challenge.

Credit: @icewarrior_joe

Clapham resident Joe Witt is taking on quite the challenge in 2023. In February next year he, alongside 28 other explorers, will set off to reach the ‘Northern Pole of Inaccessibility’. The ominous name captures well the location they are hoping to reach; it is the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean. And because of its remoteness it has yet to be touched by humankind.

The expedition is apart of the Ice Warrior polar expedition group, but this one is slightly different in its ambition to reach a place that has never seen a human footprint. The 800 mile journey will be led by world-renowned explorer, Jim McNeill, who will take the 28 explorers (all of whom will be trained from amateur level!), split into 4 different legs, across some treacherous landscapes. In 20 days the group will have to cover as much distance as possible meaning they’ll be on the move for up to 10 gruelling hours per day. All whilst battling freezing conditions, dodging thin patches of ice and keeping their eyes open for prowling polar bears.

Credit: @icewarrior_joe

The purpose of the trip is impressive. As if just embarking on this journey wasn’t enough, all 28 team members will be collecting vital data on the current condition of the sea ice, weather, oceanography, pollution and polar bears. This information will be invaluable to leading scientists in the understanding of global warming on the Arctic. Joe has said: “I hope the project can be a defining moment in our understanding of the impacts that climate change is having on our planet and inspire action around environmental challenges.”

What a noble and brave thing to do with 20 days. Good luck Joe, we look forward to following your journey. Keep up to date with Joe here.

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