2 years ago

Clapham tube stations to be renamed

Very soon the confusion between North, South, Common and Junction will be over! But what will they be called? Have your say.

Credit: @formdemon

Lambeth Council have decided that the tube stations around Clapham are going to be renamed. The reason behind the renaming? It’s too darn confusing! We’ve got all kinds of ‘Claphams’; North, South, Common and Junction (the four tubes up for the name change) and they’ve caused enough stress to locals a passers-through to nudge the council into making the decision to change their names. Here’s what the council have said about it:

“After meeting with local residents and members of the council, we’ve made the decision to rename certain TFL tube stations around the Clapham area. The reason being by having multiple Clapham stations adequate confusion is caused regularly. We’ve decided to rename the stations to elevate the daily stress for commuters, visitors and locals.”

Lambeth Council

Discussions are being held to decide the new names for the station, and you can add suggestions on the council website via the button below. It’s got us thinking though… what would you rename your local tube?

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