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Doing Veganuary? Here’s where to head in Clapham

Don’t miss out on eating out if you are doing veganuary! Here are some really accessible vegan-friendly menus to munch through.


Credit: @plantbasedpiglet

MOMMI already do plant based food really well, but they’re really going for it this January where you can shake things up with the veganuary daily changing specials. They’ve got a whole vegan friendly menu to take away any of the guess work too.

En Root, SW4 7EY

Credit: @enrootldn

This vegan, vibey eatery is changing the narrative around Indian cuisine one nutrient filled dish at a time. No longer is curry solely a heavy, bland, cream laden meal. At En Root it is a celebration of spices, vegetables and flavour. Their menu is as fun as the restaurant; if you are in need of some comfort go for the ‘Full Indian’ or opt for the Shiva Bowl if you want some nourishment. Or check out their January specials: the winter warming stew and the mac and cheese both sound as delicious as each other. Be warned though- the people here make it as addictive as the food is. You’ll be returning again and again, and your body will thank you for it.

MamaLan, SW4 0HY

Credit: @eri.eats / vegan dumplings

We love that every dish here can be made veg-friendly. Noodles, bao buns, soups and dumplings- there are as many meaty options as there are vegetarian. Rare for any restaurant, and even better news if you are craving Chinese.

Nue Ground, SW4 9NG

Credit: @nueground

Nue Ground is every veganuary partakers dream. Vegetable-forward all year round, you can count on this Abbeville Road location for some really delicious food. It’s the kind of meal where you’ll be able to convince the meat-lover in your life that vegetables really can taste like that. If you really want to grasp veganuary by the leaves, try out their potato milk in your coffee- it’s confusingly good.

Pepper Tree, SW4 7AB

Credit: @thepeppertreeclapham

The Pepper Tree’s version is so packed with vegetables that you’ll not notice a missing meaty accompaniment. Flip to page 6 of their menu and you’re greeted with a full page of all their plant-based options. Salads, noodles, soups and rice bowls… you really can have it all. Don’t miss out on a Pad Thai just because you’re not eating it with chicken!

Olives and Meze, SW4 7SS

Hummus and falafel are the bread and butter of the vegan world, and luckily Olives and Meze do both really well. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous they’ve got a couple more strings to their bow too- the vegan saksuka is a North African take on a spiced tomato stew, beefed up with potatoes, courgettes and aubergines.

Argan, SW4 0BD

And on that Lebanese theme… Argan has some fantastic vegan friendly dishes. We are obsessed with their super silky-smooth hummus and you can go wild with their mezze selection. Warm up with a bowl of harira soup or keep it fresh with a classic fattoush. You really can’t go wrong.

Willows, SW4 0JG

Willows’ ‘pick your own’ style of charcuterie boards might make you think that they’re not necessarily vegan friendly. Think again. This January they’ve got plenty of vegan bites ready for you! Vegan cheese and ve-du-ya (like n’duja but not) are on the menu for their evening boards and there’s loads to choose from for their brunch menu too. Get feasting!

Eat of Eden, SW4 7EY

Credit: @eatofeden

Another completely meat and dairy free spot! This one is offers Caribbean flavours, and though their mains and burgers are absolutely delicious, we recommend going for one of their platters. Choose the size and ingredients you want on yours and you’ll get a plate that really suits your cravings. Dumpling, callaloo, seaweed fritters… mix and match as your heart desires and you’ll come away properly satisfied.

No.32 Old Town, SW4 0JE

Credit: @wearetheaddress

Don’t miss out on a cosy pub trip just because it’s veganuary. No.32 Old Town have an additional vegan menu that makes choosing just that bit easier. From morning brunch to Sunday lunch (and all the drinks in between), there will be something really hearty for you.

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