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En Root has a veganuary special lunch platter that you shouldn’t miss

This new lunch platter from En Root is soul and heart warming. 24% of profits go to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Brixton.

If you’re trying out veganuary, you’re plant based 12 months of the year or you just want to eat some really delicious food, then this lunch platter is for you. En Root are constantly churning out innovative twists to their Indian-inspired vegan menu. Though their standard menu is packed with surprising and delightful plates (pakora burgers, the tandoori ‘wings’, paratha tacos…), we are always excited when they bring out specials. They’ve had menu items that creatively fuse the flavours of Japan, Greek, Trinidad & Tobago with their Indian style cooking and they’ve always got it bang on. Is it completely authentic? Probably not. Is it completely delicious? There’s no question.

This January they have taken inspiration from Palestinian cuisine to create their veganuary special lunch platter. For £15 you’ll get a plate full of lots of tasty bits; there’s a spinach and white bean stew, a tabouleh salad, beetroot and walnut hummus, za’atar naan to mop it all up with and finally a cardamom rose baklava. It’s a lunch that will leave you full of food made with wholesome, satiating ingredients… and, as is always the case with En Root, it’s as packed with love as it is with flavour.

The platter was a real triumph; the bean stew was hearty and soul-warming and paired well with the fresh and well seasoned tabouleh salad. The hummus was one of our favourite parts of the whole thing. It was rich in both colour and taste and the earthiness from the beetroot and walnut flavours made it incredibly moorish, especially when smothered across the crispy za’tar naan. The bite of cardamon rose baklava surprised us with how good it was. Sweet and crispy and a nice touch to end the experience on a sweet note. We were this close to asking for another.

In our opinion there are two essential additions to your lunch. The first is a strong sprinkling of the original Raja Bonnet Sauce across the whole plate. This stuff is really, really fantastic and there’s no wonder En Root are so famous for it. You’ll have a taste and you’ll keep coming back for more. We will say- it’s not for the faint hearted, and it is hot. But it’s delicious. You can even buy the bottle in store, which has “A South London Creation of International Inspiration” on the label, which made us fall in love with it even more. The second essential addition was a drink of the watermelon punch. Ok, so maybe it’s not the most wintery of drinks, but it is so refreshing that you won’t regret trying it. And it’s the perfect antidote to all that spice.

The Palestinian style lunch platter is available until the end of January in all of the En Root locations and 24% of each dish will go to Palestine Solidarity Campaign Brixton.

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