2 years ago

Ferndale Low Traffic Neighbourhood could be made permanent

Good for the walkers, bikers and joggers, LTNs aren’t just reducing motor traffic. They’re doing great things for pollution levels too.

Credit: love.lambeth.gov.uk

During the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were several Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) put in place by the council. They do what they say on the tin- aim to reduce the amount of through traffic in certain areas. During Covid this was a relatively easy adaptation for the spots involved in the scheme; travelling wasn’t really a ‘thing’ during those months and the LTNs were put in place to limit the motor traffic around London.

However, the council and locals have enjoyed the reduction in pollution, traffic and noise that has come as a side effect from the LTNs and it has been proposed that the Ferndale one should be made into a permanent change. The result has been pretty impressive- there has been a 6% reduction in motor traffic in and around this LTN (which equates to about 6,000 fewer vehicles every day), as well as an increase of 58% of journeys made by bike in the area.

As well as the continuation of the Ferndale LTN, the area will be treated to more enhancements;

  • E-Cargo bike rental scheme on Pulross Road
  • Cycle training and an increased number of bike hangars
  • Dropped kerbs for improved accessibility
  • In Dalyell and Combermere Roads, four rain gardens will be installed for better land drainage
  • Improved crossing on Bedford Road

It is certainly exciting to see that our Covid cloud is emerging with some silver linings.

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