2 years ago

Franco Manca gets a touch of the Greek

Where Franco Manca goes, we follow. A place which we would trust with our lives to always hit the spot- and they’re at it again.

Credit: @francomancapizza

Maybe we are biased because their first ever restaurant was in Brixton, but you can never go wrong with a Franco Manca. Perfect sourdough pizzas every time, they are a safe bet if your hungry and in the mood for some great food. They’ve just launched their newest summer menu, and they are certainly raising the pizza game. They’ve collaborated with 2 Michelin starred chef Nikos Karathanos to curate a Greek inspired No.3 pizza. On it? Mozzarella, roasted courgettes, baby plum tomatoes and mint… topped with halloumi. The first Franco Manca pizza to feature the salty cheese. If you want to get your hands on a slice of heaven then don’t hang about, it’s only on the menu for 3 months!

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