2 years ago

Lambeth gets 80 brand new bins

Yep, it’s time to get excited about recycling! Lambeth have got some new colourful bins to encourage more responsible disposing.

Credit: London-post.co.uk

If there ever was a time to get excited about recycling, this is it. The council have created loads of brand new recycling bins across Lambeth to encourage more people to do better with their recycling. As of now, only around 6 out of 10 plastic bottles, glass or cans are recycled in the borough’s bins. The aim of these 80 new bins, with their clear messaging and bright colours, are to make it much easier to recycle on the go and increase the current percentage of correct recycling.

Clapham High Street

Brixton is also being used as a trial site for coffee cup recycling bins. Currently 74% of coffee cups are thrown into recycling bins. However, due to their plastic linings, they are actually not recyclable in a normal way. The new cup recycling spots will mean that the cups can be separated and treated differently to recycle them properly. Time to get recycling Lambeth! Every little helps.

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