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Get a taste of Harlem in Brixton

Brixton and Harlem are celebrating their twinning this week. Brixton Brewery are pulling out the stops with a LTD ED beer. Check it out!

Credit: @dn_brixton

Brixton is putting on a festival to celebrate the twinning between Harlem, New York, and Brixton. Between the 3rd and 5th August there will be all kinds of events happening in Brixton, including talks and exhibitions. Brixton rum company Market Row have even created a distinctive ‘Harlem’ cocktail which you’ll be able to find featuring at many of your favourite local bars. The event is designed to pull the two areas closer together, and with many cultural similarities with our twin across the pond it is a match that certainly makes sense.

Brixton Brewery have pulled out all the stops with a ‘beer exchange’ in collaboration with the Harlem Brewing Co. The first ever ‘twinned’ breweries have come up with a brand new beer to celebrate. The limited edition drink is a summery pineapple and hibiscus ale, and the can will feature one of four hand-drawn illustrations showing off both places.

Music, culture and heritage, activism and art and design are all threads that pull the two places together, and these will each have their own can dedicated to them. Throughout the festival, New Yorkers and Londoners alike will be able to buy their counterparts across the Atlantic a beer with just the tap of their cards. And how else to say thanks than with a postcard?

Bars will have a stack of them ready for you to sign and send, again with the aim of developing deeper connections between the two places.

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