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Get empowered at the dance class you didn’t know you needed

A place where you can dance like nobody is watching and come out feeling like the empowered woman you are? Sign us up.

Credit: @sos.imo

There is no better feeling than really letting loose in your kitchen shaking your thing. Freeing, fun, and also a bloody great workout.

That’s exactly the ethos of the dance classes run by Clapham local Imo over at Lambeth Academy. Her aim is to empower the masses through body positive dance classes. Affiliated with the School of SOS, Imo is apart of a team of world class dancers who really know a thing or two about how to master the dance floor. But don’t let their credentials scare you off, this isn’t catered just for the pros. If you’re a complete newbie to the dance world and want to try out a different hobby, then this is absolutely for you too.You’ll be taken through some super fun choreography whilst getting a sweat on and feeling like a QUEEN.

Here’s what SOS say of their mission:

“The School of SOS mission is to empower a generation of Queens to believe in themselves, using dance as a source of strength, power and confidence which they can carry through to every aspect of their lives. “


You’ll have instructors with you every, literal, step of the way. Dancing with you and ‘YASSS-ing’ with you as you go.

If you want to give it a whirl, quote “BOC10” at checkout when you book for a 10% discount. Happy boogying!

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