2 years ago

The quirk of the Clapham tube stations

If you’ve been underground in Clapham then you’ll know about what we are talking about. Those infamous platforms…

Credit: @lukeagbaimoni

Did you know that there are only two platforms in the underground that are classed as ‘island platforms’? Yep, and they’re right here in Clapham. North and Common are the only stations in the underground system that have trains passing on both sides of the platform. A quirk that can really add to the commuting stress when rush hour hits… Anyone else feel a little too precarious at 8.30am on a Tuesday morning? Us too.

Credit: Colin Tait
Credit: @lukeagbaimoni

There used to be other island platforms around London, Euston and Angel have both have their platforms altered now so they’re safer. However, if TFL were to change the platforms in Clapham a whole new tunnel would have to be dug…

So it looks like our unique island platforms are here to stay. Be careful and make sure you stay behind the yellow line.

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