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BUDGET BITES: Get in on the Inbetween Fusion Burger action

Welcome to BUDGET BITES, where we show you a variety of money saving tricks at your local eateries and bars.

Though this new spot has just landed in Broadway market, they’ve been around for a little while- in fact they’ve just celebrated their first birthday at their original Woolwich location. But to celebrate their new SW London home they’ve got some great deals on that we took advantage of. You should too.

So what are those deals we speak of? You can get a burger, fries and a drink for just £12 everyday at lunch time (available from 12pm – 6pm) and then from 6pm onwards it is 2-4-1 on all mains. Now if that isn’t a reason for date night, we don’t know what is! 

Between us we tried the Korean Fried Chicken Burger and the Coconut Braised Pork. The KFC burger was a deliciously juicy breaded chicken thigh, a load of tangy gochujang sauce, cabbage slaw for extra crunch and melted cheddar. The porky number was actually a double hit of meat- there was a beef patty in there alongside a slice of sweetly coconut braised pork, lettuce and some tangy pickled vegetables. Both of these were such a treat and as good as they sound on paper but they should come with a PSA: be prepared to get messy.

If you like truffle, and you bet we do, you’ve got to get a side of the truffle loaded fries. This big portion was topped with truffle aioli and parmesan for the ultimate bougie side. The mozzarella korokke was stringy, cheesy magic. Nuggets of cheese breaded are the Japanese take on croquettes and these ones came smothered in a tonkatsu sauce that we could have eaten with a spoon by itself.

Inbetween Fusion Burger is worth every bite of those fusion flavours. This is really some of the best food we’ve got our mitts on for a while and it’s even better because of those bargain deals, but hurry because these offers are for March only!

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