2 years ago

Girl power at HEX

HEX are celebrating all the fierce women in sport who are showing us a thing or two about being a serious athlete.

‘Tis the season to celebrate women in sport. If you are feeling inspired by the recent performance of the Lionesses (and, really, who isn’t) then this is exactly the event for you.

HEX are taking the baton with their all-female, all-empowering event happening on the 20th August. HEX will be hosting Melissa Hexter, a British Strength Athlete, Powerlifter and, to top it all off, a Bioengineering Student too. So she really knows her stuff. She will be coming down to HEX where she will be talking you through a properly empowering life of strength, training and female power. Be ready to get motivated and inspired.

The event is open and inclusive to all the ladies out there, so bring your mum, grandma, sister and best friend.

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