2 years ago

Glastonbury Showcase at The Bread & Roses

Fancy yourself as cutting edge in the music world? Here’s your chance to get ahead of your mates and find some brand new music.

Credit: @scottyrockstarpresents

On Thursday (12th January) 3 bands are taking to the stage at Clapham’s iconic music pub and venue The Bread & Roses. They’ll be performing their socks off in the hopes of winning a place at Glastonbury this June. You’ll hear music from the likes of London Beat Club, Shadow Bones and Jays. They are all totally different in their styles to each other, so it will be a musical smorgasbord of an evening. Where London Beat Club is very much a rock, funk and soul band, Luke Williams and his band that make up Shadow Bones is much more of a folky act. And Jays are going to be your top of the trio if you’re into calmer, haunting melodies.

The evening kicks off at 8.30pm and is completely free- yep, you’ll get to hear some of the next ‘big things’ for zero pounds… now that is a lot cheaper than a Glasto ticket!

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