2 years ago

How to watch free films in the SW

Nothing better than a movie night! Especially when it’s in the great outdoors and you’ve got a bucket of fresh popcorn. Oh, and it’s free.

Credit: @underbellyfest

Until the 3rd September you can watch some classic films for free in the South West. Sounds too good to be true, right? The Underbelly Festival in Earls Court is putting on a real treat this summer with their free outdoor cinema showings. Every weekday there are two showings (4pm and 7pm) and on the weekends there is an additional 12.30pm screening too. Films vary from classics like Ferris Beullers Day Off and Breakfast at Tiffiny’s to newer pictures like The Greatest Showman and The Hangover.

The great news? You don’t even need to book! Just rock up, grab a seat and order some fresh popcorn straight to your seat.

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